Check Please…

The Ancient Egyptians believed at the time of death a person’s heart was the key to the Afterlife. It was one of the only organs never removed from the body during mummification. At the gates of the Afterlife  the jackal headed god, Anubis, oversaw the judgement of the person’s soul. Thoth, the scribe to the gods at the ready to record the outcome for eternity. The heart counterbalanced against a simple feather, symbolizing truth, order and justice, on a lager than life scale. Perfectly balanced the deceased was reborn into the Afterlife. Thoth recording the person had lived a life of  honesty, accountability and action for good.  Scales tipped below the feather meant not eternal damnation but cease of existence; an endless void. The heart of the ill willed devoured instantly by the tri-mutated beast, Ammit. The heart and the body never reunited to rest in peace; a terrifying fate for an Ancient Egyptian.

Even though this symbolic ritual is thousands of years old, how well we, as Modern-era examples, can relate.

Really it’s a simple thing to live a life balanced against the “feather”. However no longer as a people is that allegorical balance held so close to our thoughts. What would you have as the counterweight on the judgement scales? Are there items such as accountability, honesty, compassion, empathy humility, and knowledge? When you have wronged do you learn or forget?  Do you fear the consequences?

Do you lead a life with a good heart?

The heart. What is it?

A needed organ to keep us alive and whole.

A symbol of love.

An action of good will.

Lead a life through a good heart.

Take care of your body. This complex yet fragile vessel needs nourishment and exercise.

Take care of those you love. Be patient, understanding, protective and nurturing in your thoughts, words and actions.

Take care of the people you meet during your day. Make your actions more about them and less about you.

A good heart makes you live…

Hugs & wishes,

~~The key to keeping your balance is knowing when you’ve lost it. ~~



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