Ice Ice Baby…

Hump Day Wednesday! It’s time to read this after the kiddies are sweetly tucked away in bed.

Girl Talk turns to a few ways to stay cool when it’s hot in the sanctuary of love. Just cause the temperatures outside match the heat between you and your lover doesn’t mean it’s time to call off the play. Get creative! Here are some ideas.

Tried and True: Become a romantic starving artist and trace the contours, hills and valleys of your mate’s body.  Warm up the path of cool water left behind with your tongue.  Remember not to leave an ice cube in one spot for too long. This isn’t a polar plunge.

Nostalgic: Menthol has a cooling effect. Sucking on a mint gives a little arctic blast in your mouth. Or suck on a Popsicle before kissing your loved one.  Explore some good old-fashioned making out sessions. Kissing is really a lost art. Tap into your arsenal of puckered lip affections to bestow on one lucky lover.  Spark up those stomach butterflies with some passionate kissing on a porch swing one evening.

Something Inventive: Chill marbles and use them as a massage tool. Rubbing them over your partner’s body more sensitive and fleshy areas. Follow up with kisses.

Skillful: Pull your object of desire into the shower or tub with you. Set the temperature to cool and let you body heat warm things up.

Zen like: Place a quiet fan to cool you as you get it on. Let it oscillate back and forth to create mutual chills.

Love Child: In private. Strip down and don just a daisy in your hair. Continue with whatever you want, read a book, fold the laundry, lay on the bed, tease your lover. Atleast you will be cool. 🙂

Don’t complain when the mercury rises. Think of it as an opportunity to break out of the norm and have some sassy fun!

Hugs & wishes,


~~“It’s not true that I had nothing on. I had the radio on.”~~

–Marilyn Monroe


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