New Habits Grow Slow…

Making a new habit stick is tough work. You would think in an age where multitasking is the norm changing a single behavior would be a snap. But this earthly goddess can’t tell how many times I’ve given up on something new. It gets too hard or  time consuming. I lost interest and decided life as I knew it worked better; regardless of the actual outcome. My life drifted this way for several decades.

My 40th birthday seemed a fitting time to reassess my goals both small to big, internal to external, emotional to physical. The map of my personal state was strewn around with little care like clothes in a teenager’s bedroom.  The time had come to clean things up and get some order. But where to start? I didn’t want to quick fix clean up and hide away the stuff that I believed couldn’t part without. For me that meant getting a plan. I needed time to really think about what I wanted  to accomplish. Put myself to the test of  was it 1) plausible 2) serving a  real purpose and 3) something I’d stick to for a long time.  Great! I had atleast created little piles of goals around me. But still where to start? I feel this step always tripped me up in the past. I jumped to the smallest pile. It was quick and easy. No problem! Problem was… I wasn’t in the right mindset yet. See there is something to knowing and liking who you are as a person. Really you know your true self best. Everyone else sees fractions of you. But you… know your story in and out. The foundation of your life starts with you. That structure has to be strong to support anything more you do in this life. Without it in tact things run the risk of failing.

So back to me…this time I started with the biggest pile “Me”. I was existing with parts of  myself , fractions. My first habit changing goal-  to add those fractions together I was living by and create a whole me. Cause I was not sure of myself anymore. It was a mountain of a task to face some shortcomings but it provided me my first set of habits to change. It put me to the test of being accountability to my first goal; Compile a whole me. That’s where I started my slow path to fixing my foundation. Taking time and action to understand, accept, get rid, forgive, applaud or modify parts of me that make Brenda.  Almost a year later and I’m feeling ready to tackle those smaller piles of goals. The next steps have new hurdles and changes afoot but they seem almost easier now to face. I got the tools to change the structure but my foundation is rock solid. Bring it!

18 Tricks to Make a New Habit Stick (c/0

1) Commit to 30 days – Oh yes!

2) Make it daily – Get that pattern down

3) Start simple – Build on baby steps

4) Remind yourself – Don’t forget your goal

5) Stay consistent – Make it a priority

6) Get a buddy – Talk to someone who will support you

7) Form a trigger – Something you do before the new habit to get your mind ready

8) Replace lost needs – Get a better bang for your new habit

9) Be Imperfect – Fall off the wagon; get yourself back on

10) Use “But” -Starting down negative thoughts? Use a “but” to change your mind to the reason for changing the habit

11) Remove temptation – Stay focused

12) Associate with Role Models – Good role models give you reason for good habits

13) Run it as an experiment – For 30 days test it out and make modifications. Don’t pass judgement if you fail.

14) Swish – Cool trick – See yourself doing the old habit. Visualize a swish pushing it away and replace with the new habit.

15) Write it down – Huge! Commit to your new habit

16) Know the benefits – Gives you more knowledge

17) Know the pain – Consequences of sticking to an old habit

18) Do it for Yourself – Most important!

Hugs & wishes,


~~Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself~~
Leo Tolstoy


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