Hello Stranger…

It’s been a few days since posting up my blog. A hectic work schedule takes the blame. Not to say I haven’t been listening to the conversations around me. Seems many people are in the same boat. Overburdened. Within my circle of friends and colleagues its been a tough year. Many are struggling to make ends meet, dealing with illness, difficult family dynamics and loss. There comes a point of despair when it’s said, “Why me?” How do we find the joy of living when we are overburdened with dealing to live?  For sure, I don’t have answers to that level of mortality. But we can think about how to get through difficult times. Situations where all we have control over is our reaction. Many times we try to fight against our emotional responses. “I can’t deal with this right now” statements will bite you in the po po cause eventually… you WILL  have to deal with it all. In spades. Being uncomfortable with circumstances out of our control is the first step to unburdening yourself. There are many ways to start this process – prayer, meditation, talking, physical exercise and outward expression through the arts to list off a few.  The idea is not pushing aside your life but temporarily going with the flow of it. Giving yourself time to redirect and move forward with a clear mind. Accepting the current status quo not with defeat but impermanence. Knowing that within time everything can and will change. Maybe things will swing in our favor; maybe not. But we like everything else in this natural world belong to a ever changing chord of harmony. A chord sometimes filled with melodic visions of inspiration and joy. Other times dissent and jarring vibes of nothingness prevail. What we hope is that there is alittle of both to maintain the balance…the harmony… the peace within…the interest in living.  Keep your chin up, my friends.

When things are tough take 5-20 mins and unplug. Rest your mind. Breathe. Accept where are you today and embrace where you can be tomorrow.

I find great advice on dealing with everyday life through inspirational reading. One I really enjoy with a Buddhist slant: When Things Fall Apart: Heart Advice for Difficult Times by Pema Chodron

Hugs & wishes,


~~Even in the darkest phase be it thick or thin, always someone marches brave here beneath my skin.~~

K.D. Lang


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