Goddess Pick of the Week…HerRochester.Com

Recently I was interviewed for an article running in HerRochester.com. Quite frankly I had never heard of the online publication. Curious, I put to the inquiring  journalist some background dynamics on the site. After our business was completed, I went to check it out. Instantly impressed! Published by the local newspaper, Democrat & Chronicle, it is targeted to women ages 30-50 yrs old. Clean and easy to read at a glance. The site hits upon meaningful topics across the age bracket. Articles on gardening, art, music, role models, job advice, mom tools, beauty, budgeting, financial planning, conservation, etc.  I felt like I was reading a new recipe I wanted to try out tonight.

Woman’s Dish

Start with a base of Good Sense.

Mix in some Job Secrets to Success.

In a separate bowl combine Mothering Skills and next 100 ingredients til  Beauty Regimes.

Beat til it doubles in size creating Superwoman.

Gently fold into first bowl.

Place in a Happy Home dish.

Bake at HerRochester.com til it feels right.

Garnish with some Expert Advice.

Serves Everyone.

To see for yourself – http://www.democratandchronicle.com/section/HERROCHESTER/Her-Rochester

Hug & wishes,


~~Evening news is where they begin with ‘Good evening’, and then proceed to tell you why it isn’t.~~



Goddess Pick of the Week…Devil May Care Boutique

Devil May Care  Boutique. 775 Park Ave, Rochester, NY

I love beautiful old Hollywood style lingerie. Victoria’s Secret used, and I say used to, have fabulous items. The workmanship was impeccable and lasted for years. As a young woman I was lost in piles of silk, satin and lace; forever entrapped in the decadence of what lies beneath clothing.  Since those early 90’s days it’s been slim pickings in Upstate NY. It seemed the golden era of lingerie had passed. The fashion pendulum swung away from high glamor towards being comfy and almost little girl like. Hardly a look I could pull off with my proportions. Finally, ladies (and their consorts) showed renewed interest in the art of wearing delicate lingerie. A few high end stores opened up around here in the past years. They carried beautiful bras, garters and panties but the years had played tricks on my size. Very few places accommodated the fuller and curvier shape of a lady with style. Enter Devil May Care. A lingerie boutique opened by two sisters who wanted an upscale luxurious atmosphere for women to shop for very personal attire. Totally committed to the soft feminist indulgences, priced to fit your clutch wallet and sized to fit your curves.

What did I buy that day? Alittle touch of old school tease mixed with sassy styling then all tucked away into a swanky black and pink package to go. Tell me I didn’t leave the store with a naughty grin gracing my face. Watch out Pookey, the Devil may care tonight…

To get a taste of Devil May Care watch this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aaJBpJUDUew.

Hugs & Wishes,


~~if you’re wearing lingerie that makes you feel glamorous, you’re halfway there to turning heads~~

Elle Macpherson

My Goddess pick of the week…Sensual Living

Sensuality…A word that sparks people’s ears with interest, disdain or indifference. Personally I think it’s a lack of education on the meaning of sensuality that confuses people. In fact let’s be honest the word downright scares most. Seems funny because it relates to everything attached to our sensory pleasure; touch, smell, taste. Who doesn’t have instant childhood memories when you smell a homemade apple pie hot from the oven.  Or how about the touch of Winter’s first snow fall on your face. The memories flood in. However, the kicker that divides the room over sensuality is its deep rooted ties to S.E.X…a three letter word that sadly many people never really fully understand. We begin to limit our sensual boundaries when we mate it to sex alone. Unfortunately sensuality then seems only available to the young, the wild or a plethora of tabloid celebrities. In fact, many women turn their backs on the whole concept of sensual living altogether. Burrowing themselves into the strict Puritanical conduct reminiscent of the 1700’s. Look at the picture included in this post. They say a picture says a 1,000 words. What instant conclusions do you draw from it? Go ahead. Say them out loud. Would it surprise you to find out the model is life coach Jessica Burton, founder of Sensual Living…the art of sensuality, 38, married and the mother of three. A woman that has gone through the trials of life, marriage, childbirth, loss, weight gain and self-neglect. But through all of that she saw there was something more to life. Her reliance on positivity and room for change created the model in the picture. Now confident, strong, empowered and fulfilled. She made the choice to live a life of sensuality…tied to all the senses…complete.

I met Jess about a year ago. Although our first few conversations were short I quickly realized I liked her “spark”. One day Jess and I met for lunch. The type of lunch were tales are told, laughter shared, tears shed and you call someone a friend upon parting. Our ideas on life where not so different nor our tale how we got to our “new” identities. Under those brown curls and sweet toned voice was a woman of deep conviction. Someone that wanted to help other women like her shine in the sun not drown in the sorrow. Her message is simple, “To facilitate a change in perspective that allows individuals to view any given situation in a more positive or realistically optimistic point of view. To inspire individuals to achieve higher levels of satisfaction and passion in the things they do in their day to day lives with a higher sense of personal value.” Taking joy in what’s happening around you is the conduit to sensual living. And yes, sex can be apart of that but it’s a small part of a much bigger perspective on life. When we give air and life to all our passions, we thrive! People take notice too. What does your sensual picture say about you?

Sometimes to make great changes you need some guidance. That’s where her skills as a sensual life coach come into play. As Jess says, you hire a life coach much like you hire a personal trainer. To help you attain your goal in a healthy and safe manner. Motivated to push through your personally guided program during plateaus. Develop tools to elevate your weak spots and capitalize on your strengths. A life coach keeps you on track.

To find out more on Jessica’s sensual living life coach packages, visit http://sensualonline.com