Giggle Yourself Silly…

Did you know that within  a few weeks newborns start smiling? Laughing within a few months? Expressing happiness and joy is innate to us. Even if you didn’t laugh much as a child you can still break out into a full on belly laugh like a pro.

Laughter is free, requires little setup and completely portable. A simple laugh can boost your immune system. Relieve stress and tension. Strengthens emotional bonds between people.  It’s really the best medicine for what ails ya. Go ahead get playful! Take yourself less seriously. Smile. Count your blessings.

Change your perspective. Dinner talk tends to rotate around the happenings of the day. Focus tonight’s dinner conversation on, “What was the funniest thing that happened today”. Share a laugh over it.

Hugs & wishes,


~~An optimist laughs to forget, a pessimist forgets to laugh~~


Wanna Play At My House?

As a child I was an obsessed with my doll house. I played with it every day. Even when my friends came over they brought doll house collections with them. Whole rooms would become giant ranches of hourly play for me. It was a grown ups nightmare to tiptoe through my mcmansions. Now my doll house sits in my attic like an abandoned home. The furniture in boxes. Windows falling in. Dust covering the floors. Rooms haunted with laughter and conversations of little girls now middle aged women. Hubbie says get rid of it but unlike the stuffed animals I can’t part from such a childhood relic. “Someday I might play with again.”, I say.  Seems surreal to think I could loose myself in playing doll house for hours. Become that 10 yr old girl and setup house for the afternoon. Really is it so foreign now as an adult? Why does play become something childish for us as adults? Anthropologist discovered our hunter/gather ancestors only worked for 4 hrs a day. The rest was dedicated to games and play. Now many of those games involved a high risk of death but still “play”. Nowadays as adults we have replaced those childhood games with objectives, to do lists, goals, plans and agendas. All needed but where is the carefree whimsy in any of it. And we need some whimsy as adults. Dudes included. Games gives us expression and release. A perfect compliment to all the structure of adult lives. So get outside away from all that technology. Play hopscotch, chalk up your sidewalks, hit a few balls in the park with some friends, spend a few hours fixing up that treasured doll house. Live young to stay young.

Adult play embraces the uninhibited freedom of childhood expression. Don’t wait for the weekend to play after a long work week. Find something simple to do everyday. Create time to do something fun without care or concern over what people will say or think. In fact, raise those eyebrows (as long as the clothing stays on). Buy a silly hat, create a new happy hour drink with some friends at your house, check out free events going on around town, limbo (oh yes, I said it!).

Hugs & wishes,


~~“We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.” ~~

George Bernard Shaw