"Motherhood" by Vu Cao Dam 1908-2000Welcome to the Goddess” Playshop!

Each day I plan to post a musing on how to indulge our inner Goddesses. ┬áI thought it fitting to start my blog on the holiest of female worship days – Mother’s Day. Without mothers there is no creation of life. It’s a huge responsibility being a mother – a vessel of creation, an embodiment of┬ánurturing and a role model of living a complete fulfilling life. All the while providing protection and a clear path of opportunities for our “children” to experience more out of this life. Risks, temperance and many sacrifices encircle being a mother. Motherhood is a task only fit for a Goddess. So today I salute the ladies of motherhood.
Tap into your wonderment of life – A memory of a witnessing life coming into this world. Pick a simple bouquet of Spring flowers from your garden. Place them in a favorite vase in a place you frequent often in your home. Add a photo of someone special (or more pics) next to it. Take a few moments today to give thanks for this life.

Hugs & wishes,


We are all wanderers on this earth. Our hearts are full of wonder, and our souls are deep with dreams.
~~ Gypsy proverb~~