Angel feathers…

I’m from your Guardian Angel
Who’s been assigned to you.
She dropped this in her struggles
As she protected you.

Each time you feel that you’re alone,
Each time you nearly fall
I’m here to remind you:
You’re not alone at all.

~unknown author

My dad and I share more than our crooked middle fingers. He always has known by the look in my eyes or the tone of my voice exactly what’s going on inside me. I’ve never been able to hide away from him. As a child I adored it. As a teenager I defied it. As a young adult I hoped for it. Now as a middle aged women I share it. Within an instant his first hello across the miles of telephone wire says all I need to know. Connected through love I feel his thoughts. If I believe in guardian angels of earthly form, then we are that to each other. Tonight I will leave a feather by his bed to show I was there. Maybe a peacock feather – a symbol of protection.

All of us have that potential to be an angel. It’s the love and compassion inside bursting out by way of our speech and actions. We reach out without expectation of praise and retreat back to our normal routine afterwards. Just cause it’s the right thing to do. See if before the weekend is done you can be an earthly angel to someone who crosses your everyday path.

Hugs& wishes,


~~Hope is the thing with feathers that perches in the soul – and sings the tunes without the words – and never stops at all.~~

Emily Dickinson